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    Hello and welcome to our photo gallery. Please enjoy a few images of work we've carried out. The images have been selected to showcase the extent of work that we carry out. You will see a selection of before and after shots. We carry out conversion work for our clients for many reasons. Surfing/windsurfing our beautiful coast lines, Mountain biking/road racing in the Surrey hills, Free climbers so they can stay and rest after competing. Or just using it for fun weekends away chilling with the kids. We've even done a few corparate vehicles, Plasma TV's in the side loading doors and playstations set up with astroturf as a floor.

    Our services go beyond what the pictures show. Please look at our conversion and styling page

    We are approved dealers an installers of many well known companies, such as: Wolf race. Vamoose elevating roofs. Bedrock reclining seat beds.

    We choose to install the Vamoose bedrock reclining bed. For a few reasons. Firstly and most importantly it's  M1 invehicle tested by STATUS. This means its been specifically designed for the Vw transporter. So you have piece of mind that it is safe. Don't be fooled by cheap beds with seat belts attached. They've probably never been near a test centre. The reclining bed is more versatile than traditional rock and roll beds that are either in the seating position or down in the bed position. All beds come trimmed to match your front factory seats. They also have there own in house trimmers so if you wanted something other than factory this can be carried out.

    If you have any questions or are interested in getting a quote for some custom upgrades please contact us we are always happy to help from the smallest of installations like a side window to a full blown conversion complete with elevating roof.

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