• Alloy Wheels

    At D.V.S we like to deliver quality in everything we do. That is why we are assigned Wolfrace and BK Racing authorised dealers. Why both of these companies? As we deal with commercial vehicles and are often asked to change the steel wheels to alloys, As you maybe aware alloy wheels have to be weight rated for a commercial vehicle. Wolfrace and B K Racing offer a range of weight rated alloy wheels in a wide range of styles, sizes and figments for commercial vehicle. Most of our clients come from Surrey/Hampshire/London and Sussex. We supply/fit wheels or they can be delivered direct to your door. We offer competitive rates on wheel and tire packages. 

    We also supply and fit genuine Volkswagen alloy wheels. Call for a free no obligation quote.


    Be aware that if you are running your van on car alloys or non weight rated wheels suitable for your vehicle you may not be insured. Please check with your insurer.

    Why will they not insure you if your wheels are not weight rated?

    If you fit car or non weight rated alloys to your van. As the van is heavier than the car is, this can put extra load on the alloy itself. In extreme cases this can result in the alloy failing (breaking up) If your wheels fail you are likely to have an accident an accident that may never have occurred if you had had the correct aluminum compound in your wheels. If this is the case the insurer will not pay out.

    If you are not sure how to check the weight rating on your alloys we offer a free safety check. Simply give us a call and we can book you in.

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