• At D.V.S we like to deliver quality in everything we do. That is why we are assigned Wolfrace and BK Racing authorised dealers. Why both of these companies? As we deal with commercial vehicles and are often asked to change the steel wheels to alloys, As you maybe aware alloy wheels have to be weight rated for a commercial vehicle. Wolfrace and B K Racing offer a range of weight rated alloy wheels in a wide range of styles, sizes and figments for commercial vehicle. Most of our clients come from Surrey/Hampshire/London and Sussex.

  • Here at Dub van styling we offer exterior styling. We stock many products for your exterior. We offer a supply and fitting service or we can courier any accessories to your door.


  • So why choose Dub van styling for your conversion. If you've been to see any conversion companies they will have there set conversions and don't really want to change anything in there design.  I understand why they do this as building something different is not always straight forward. But we love a challenge and like doing somehing a little different if our client wishes. So we will take on jobs other companies won't.

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